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Top 10 Free MT4 Forex Systems

Would you like to know what are the top 10 Free MT4 Forex Systems that have been downloaded on our blog? Most read/downloaded indicates the popularity among the traders. And the systems don’t get popular without a reason. The system is popular because it works. So, today I’m going to share the top 10 forex trading systems that were downloaded/read on this blog.

So are you ready to know what kind of systems are popular among the other forex trading peers? These ten systems from our Trend Following System website is free to download and see how well they work for you!

Top 10 Free MT4 Forex Systems

List of Free MT4 Forex Systems

The Free MT4 Forex Trading Systems are listed here by popularity, based on downloads. All Free trading systems listed below are free with no key, no password and no registration required.

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1. XARDFX Forex Trading System

XARDFX Forex Trading System Overview

It is a trend-following forex trading system with trend factors and filters. The indicators on the main window are responsible for identifying and confirming the trend of the market while the window at the bottom is useful for identifying the overbought and oversold territories and also the trend itself. Some serious effort has been put by the developer.

2. Radar Signal Trading System

Radar Signal Trading System

As the name suggests the Radar Signal Trading System works like a radar. It has a summary of technical indicators shown on the main window. You can know what different technical indicators are telling about the market. It has also a beautiful histogram at the bottom for showing the trend and momentum of the market.

3. Winning Profitable Trading System

Winning profitable trading system

This is a promising forex trading system because it doesn’t allow you to enter into a trade too often. But when it does, it does it very well. This is because this system has so many trend and momentum filters which will work as security against many false signals.

4. 1-2-3 Trading System

1-2-3 Trading System Overview

This system is best for swing traders. It allows traders to enter at the right time and exit when the trend is against the trade. This system has a customized moving average which changes its color as per the market direction. And another indicator is the arrows which indicate the buy and sell signal.

5. Vertex Reversal Trading System

Vertex Reversal Trading System Overview

This forex trading system can be trade both trending and sideways market. But it will be more appropriate to trade in range bound market as it has support and resistance zone plotted above and below the market. The two oscillators in the bottom window shows if the bull or bears are strong.

6. Bandit Flash Trading System

bandit flash forex trading system

This is a trend following system with trend indicators in the main window and trend filter indicators in the indicator window. The clear big white arrows on the main chart shows if you have to go long or short.

7. RSI Extreme System

RSI Extreme System

This system is well suited for the sideways market mostly as it figures out the overbought and oversold zones precisely. When you are trading the trending market, you should remember to trade only in the main direction of the trend.

8. Black Dog System

Black Dog System

This is a clean and simple system, which is a trend following system. The arrows on the main chart guides you when to buy and sell. The MACD indicator guides you where the market is heading. This is a simple yet powerful trading system.

9. Supreme Profit Forex System

Supreme Profit Forex System

The best thing about this forex trading system is its simplicity. It filters out the noise of the market and shows you the only dominating trend of the market. Besides the color of candles, it has two levels of filters to filter the trend.

10. Double RSI Trading System

Double RSI Trading System

The double RSI trading system allows you to identify overbought and oversold regions. Two levels of signals shown by two indicator windows helps trader to identify the approximate overbought and oversold region.

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At the End

Our best free forex systems have been put together to help you get a better grasp of the market, trading, and how to identify trade opportunities.

I hope after reading the top 10 free MT4 Forex Systems article, you are going to download and test them in your MetaTrader 4 platform. Please test into your demo account first and furthermore use it into your live trading account to make it profitable.


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