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Black Dog System

Black Dog System is best known for applying highly effective trend-following forex trading strategy to assist short-term scalpers and intraday traders to achieve their trading goals. Easier chart demonstration compared to other trading strategies and proven to backtest record has made this forex trading system widely accepted among newbie trend-based traders.

Black Dog System can be applied to trade all kinds of forex currency pairs. Furthermore, this system fits with any sort of timeframe chart available at the mt4 trading platform.

Black Dog System overview

After installing the Black Dog System at your forex MT$ terminal, your trading chart will appear like the following image: 

Black Dog System
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Black Dog System Anatomy 

Black Dog System Anatomy
  • Fast & Slow BDv8 ColorMAs: These MAs are used to detect and filter the current trend of the market. Price usually closes above these MA levels when the trend is bullish. For a bearish trend confirmation, a price must be closing below the MA levels. Fast BDv8 Color MA reacts with price action quicker than the slower one.
  • BD Crossover: It displays the crossover signals using Moving Averages of various parameters in the background. It plots the crossover signals with its up/downward arrows around the price bars at the main chart window.
  • MACD: An well-known momentum based indicator. Its value raises above the zero level signals the bullish momentum of the market. MACD carrying a negative value represents the market momentum as bearish.

Black Dog System: Buy Parameters

Black Dog System Buy
  • Price is holding its position above both Fast & Slow BDv8 ColorMA
  • BD Crossover signals the bullish crossover by plotting upward blue arrow
  • MACD turns positive and keeps rising
  • Buy triggers when all of the above conditions are met
  • Set stop loss below the Fast & Slow BDv8 ColorMA levels
  • Exit long/take profit whenever your trade hits the 1:2 risk to reward ration 

Black Dog System: Sell Parameters

Black Dog System Sell
  • Price is holding its position below both Fast & Slow BDv8 ColorMA
  • BD Crossover signals the bearish crossover by plotting a downward red arrow
  • MACD turns negative and keeps falling
  • Sell triggers when all of the above conditions are met
  • Set stop loss above the Fast & Slow BDv8 ColorMA levels
  • Exit short/take profit whenever your trade hits the 1:2 risk to reward ration

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