Vinin HighLow Indicator

Vinin HighLow Indicator is an extraordinary powerful Forex trend indicator. It has been designed to signal both the start and end of the market trends. Moreover, it plots the signals in a simple Moving Average style so that everybody can read them easily to get into the right trend in the right time. Its simplicity of use offers a great advantage to newbie trend following Forex traders.

This Indicator reacts with the price action changes in a steady pace to avoid the signal lagging issues. Besides, it works at every Forex currency pair’s window and applicable to all kinds of timeframe charts.

Vinin HighLow Indicator Overview:

After the installation of the Indicator at your Forex MT4 terminal, your trading chart will appear like the following image:

Vinin HighLow Indicator Overview

Vinin HighLow Indicator is plotted as a single moving average style around the price bar at the main chart window. It turns green and price is holding its position above the indicator level signals the bullish trend along with the buy entry. For a sell entry, the indicator should be turned red and price should be closed below the slope.  The Indicator turns yellow to signal the trend as neutral. In such situations traders are advised to wait for further confirmation of the next trend to make an entry at the market.

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Vinin HighLow Indicator: Buy Parameters

Vinin HighLow Indicator Buy Parameters

  • Price closes above the Vinin HighLow Indicator
  • The Indicator turns green
  • A bullish bar forms right above the indicator slope
  • Buy triggers when all of the above conditions are met and the high of the respective bullish bar is broken
  • Set stop loss below the current swing low
  • Exit long/take profit once the indicator runs yellow/red

Vinin HighLow Indicator: Sell Parameters

Vinin HighLow Indicator Sell Parameters

  • Price closes below the Vinin HighLow Indicator
  • The Indicator turns red
  • A bearih bar forms right below the indicator slope
  • Sell triggers when all of the above conditions are met and the low of the respective bearish bar is broken
  • Set stop loss above the current swing high
  • Exit short/take profit once the indicator runs yellow/green

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