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Weekly Pivot Script for MT4

The Weekly Pivot Script for MT4 is a powerful tool designed to enhance the trading capabilities of Forex traders.

With its ability to identify key support and resistance levels based on weekly pivot points, this script provides valuable insights into market dynamics.

By automatically plotting the pivot levels on the MT4 chart for the weekly timeframe, the script simplifies the process of identifying crucial price levels.


These levels, including the Pivot Point (PP), Resistance 1 (R1), Resistance 2 (R2), Resistance 3 (R3), Support 1 (S1), Support 2 (S2), and Support 3 (S3), serve as important reference points for traders.

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How Does Weekly Pivot Script Work?

The Weekly Pivot Script calculates and plots key support and resistance levels, known as pivot points, on the MT4 chart for the weekly timeframe.

It calculates the Pivot Point (PP) as the average of the previous week’s high, low, and close prices.

The script also determines the Resistance 1 (R1), R2, R3, Support 1 (S1), S2, and S3 levels based on the PP and the previous week’s price range.

These levels are automatically plotted on the chart, providing traders with reference points for potential reversals, breakouts, and price strength.

How to Use Weekly Pivot Script?

  1. Install the Weekly Pivot Script on MT4 and set the chart to the weekly timeframe.
  2. Observe the plotted pivot points (PP, R1-R3, S1-S3) on the chart.
  3. Use pivot points as reference levels for trading decisions:
    ● Reversals: Look for bounces off support or rejections at resistance levels.
    ● Breakouts: Monitor price movements near support or resistance levels for potential breakouts.
    ● Trend Confirmation: Assess the price’s relationship to pivot points to confirm the prevailing trend.
  4. Combine with other indicators for additional confirmation.
  5. Implement proper risk management with stop-loss and take-profit levels based on pivot points.
    Regularly update pivot levels as the week progresses.
  6. The Weekly Pivot Script helps traders identify trading opportunities, confirm trends, and manage risk effectively in Forex trading.

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