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Price Alert Script for MT4

The Price Alert Script for MT4 is a powerful tool designed to assist Forex traders in monitoring price levels and executing trades effectively.

This script allows traders to set custom price alerts for specific currency pairs and receive notifications when those price levels are reached.

This tool lets traders stay informed about market movements and seize trading opportunities promptly.

The Price Alert Script offers flexibility in setting alerts at various price levels, including support and resistance levels, trendline breaks, and key Fibonacci retracement levels.

Traders can customize the script to suit their trading strategies and preferences, ensuring they receive timely notifications for price movements that align with their trading objectives.

Price Alert Script for MT4

How Does Price Alert Script Work?

The Price Alert Script provides a convenient and efficient way to monitor specific price levels in the market.

Traders can set their desired price levels based on technical analysis factors such as support and resistance levels, trendline breaks, or Fibonacci retracement levels.

When the market price reaches or crosses the set price level, the script generates timely alerts through pop-up notifications, email notifications, or SMS notifications.

These alerts enable traders to stay informed about significant price movements without the need for constant manual monitoring.

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How to Use Price Alert Script?

To use the Price Alert Script for MT4:

  • Install the script by downloading and saving it to your computer. Open MetaTrader 4, access the “Scripts” section, and drag the script onto your desired chart.
  • Configure the script by specifying the currency pair, price level type, desired price value, and notification method.
  • Activate the script, and it will continuously monitor the selected currency pair.
  • Receive alerts via pop-ups, email, or SMS when the specified price levels are reached.
  • Take appropriate trading actions based on the received alerts and your analysis.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize the Price Alert Script to stay updated on price movements and seize trading opportunities in the Forex market.


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