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THV RSI Oscillator

THV RSI Oscillator is one of the best Forex trade indicators among the oscillator world. Its signaling technique is very much unique and clear. For its easy manner of signal reading, it has achieved a great acceptance among the newbie traders. Besides, its winning rate and the steady level of signaling performance are above the standard level.

This oscillator based indicator works in all kinds of Forex currency pair window and can be traded on any time frame chart. Thus users of THV RSI Oscillator can enjoy the ultimate freedom while trading at the market with stable performance.

THV RSI Oscillator Overview

First install the indicator at your Forex mt4 terminal and then when you load it, your trading chart should be appeared as follows:

THV RSI Oscillator

This indicator states the market condition and the trading signals both from its oscillator window. THV RSI parameter reaches below the zero level signals the oversold condition of the market the buy signal is plotted as green color at THV RSI level. If the parameter reaches above 100 then the condition is considered as oversold status of the market. In such scenario a red marks will appear at the oscillator window as a sell signal. After the entry whenever THV RSI signals opposite direction price movement of your trade, you may close the current trade and look for the next opportunity.

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THV RSI Oscillator: Buy Parameters

THV RSI Oscillator Buying Parameters
  • THV RSI Oscillator value reaches below zero level
  • A green mark is plotted at the oversold level of the oscillator
  • Buy triggers whenever the above conditions are met and price starts to move up
  • Put the stop loss below the respective signaling candle’s low
  • Exit long whenever THV RSI Oscillator signals the overbought condition of the market

THV RSI Oscillator: Sell Parameters

THV RSI Oscillator Selling Parameters
  • THV RSI Oscillator value reaches above 100 level
  • A red mark is plotted at the overbought level of the oscillator
  • Sell triggers whenever the above conditions are met and price starts to fall
  • Maintain the stop loss above the respective signaling candle’s high
  • Exit short whenever THV RSI Oscillator signals the oversold condition of the market
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