Kuskus Starlight Indicator

The Kuskus Starlight Indicator represents an excellent forex trend identifying tool for MT4 platforms. It uses the simplest possible way for demonstrating the direction and strength of the market trends. Besides market experts, beginners also admire this trend identifier for its signal accuracy and simplicity of use.

Kuskus Starlight Indicator offers great flexibility as a trend trading tool. Because it automatically adjusts itself to any timeframe you choose within your MT4 platform. Moreover, it allows you to choose any financial assets you like to add to your chart and analyze the market trend.

Kuskus Starlight Indicator Overview

The Kuskus Starlight Indicator uses a separate indicator window allowing you to apply other technical tools to the main chart window.

Kuskus Starlight Indicator 1

The trend signal method it uses is quite simple and can easily be read by newbie traders.

Besides identifying the market trend directions, KusKus Starlight also helps traders to determine the strength and weakness of a price move.

Kuskus Starlight Indicator Explained

The Kuskus Starlight Indicator applies a 30-period moving average system that monitors the high, low, and closing price of the candlesticks for determining the trend value of the asset.

Kuskus Starlight Indicator 2

The indicator value is shown by using small colored crosses around the indicator window. The indicator turns blue and its value rises above the zero levels when the market is in a bullish trend. Conversely, for bearish trends, the indicator switches to a red color, and its value turns negative.

The rising and falling pattern of the indicator value signals the strength and weakness of the market trends. For instance, its value turns positive and keeps rising following an uptrend means the market is in a strong bullish move.

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Kuskus Starlight Indicator: Buy Conditions

Kuskus Starlight Indicator 3
  • The indicator turns blue
  • The indicator value rises above the zero levels and denies turning negative
  • Exit buy orders or take profit whenever the indicator shows a negative value

Kuskus Starlight Indicator: Sell Conditions

Kuskus Starlight Indicator 4
  • The indicator switches to a red color
  • The indicator value drops below the zero levels and rejects turning positive
  • Exit sell orders whenever the indicator value turns positive

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