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Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator for MT4

The Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator is a technical analysis tool that helps traders identify potential price levels and trends in the market.

It can be a valuable tool for traders looking to identify potential trends and reversals in the forex market.

Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator Overview

The indicator automatically draws the Andrews Pitchfork on the chart, which consists of three parallel lines that are used to identify areas of support and resistance.

The center line is drawn based on three points, the highest high, the lowest low, and the most recent high or low.


The other two lines are parallel to the center line and are drawn at a distance based on the price range.

However, traders should always consider other technical and fundamental analysis tools before making any trading decisions.

Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator Explanation

The Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator also comes with entry and exit signals based on the positioning of the price relative to the Pitchfork lines.

Traders can use this indicator to identify potential buy and sell signals and set their stop-loss and take-profit levels accordingly.


In general, when the price is above Pitchfork’s center line, it is considered bullish, and traders may look for buying opportunities.

When the price is below the center line, it is considered bearish, and traders may look for selling opportunities.

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Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator: Buy Condition

  • Look for a bullish trend in the market.
  • Wait for the price to touch the lower line of the Andrews Pitchfork indicator.
  • Enter a long position when the price starts to move up from the lower line.
  • Place a stop loss order below the lower line of the indicator.

Auto Andrews Pitchfork Indicator: Sell Condition

  • Price breaks below the lower line of the Andrews Pitchfork channel.
  • The price closes below the middle line of the Andrews Pitchfork channel.
  • The price pulls back towards the middle line and fails to break above it, indicating a potential resistance level.

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