Trillion Fx Strategy MT4

Trillion Fx Strategy MT4 is a very much popular and largely accepted trend following trading strategy among the scalpers and intraday traders. This strategy avoided inclusion of unnecessary indicators and included only the finest and best fit tools to create one of the most effective trend based trading solutions.

Trillion Fx Strategy MT4 is ideal to use at M5 to daily chart time frames besides, you’ll be able to apply this system on any currency pair window. Thus, scalpers or day traders of all levels can use this tremendous method to generate the capital growth on a steady pace.

Trillion Fx Strategy Overview

After the installation process at your mt4 trading platform, your chart should be appeared like the following image:

Trillion Trading Strategy
Time FrameCurrency PairsIndicator FactorsRatings
M5 to D1Any69.8/10

Trillion Fx Strategy Anatomy

Trillion Trading Strategy Indicators
  • Platinum Arrow: It plots as downward or upward signaling arrows directing the possible trend direction and pointing the respective price bar as the signaling candle.
  • Moving Average 3: This 3 day period simple moving average moves very closely with the price bars and reacts very fast with the price action changes. It produces crossover signals with other moving averages of the system.
  • LWMA 12: This is a 12 day period Linear Weighted Moving Average. It produces crossover trend signals with Moving Average 3.
  • Trillion Line: It is a momentum indicator. It is white when the momentum is bearish and turns green to signal the bullish rally.
  • SSL 10: It is a trend meter. It shows the strength of current trend and also indicates the possibility of trend changes.
  • Trillion 3: This is a momentum oscillator. Its value rises above zero level signals the bullish momentum and a negative value indicates the presence of the bearish thrust.

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Trillion Fx Strategy: Buy Parameters

Trillion Trading Strategy Buy Parameters
  • Price bar closes above Moving Average 3
  • Platinum Arrow pointing upwards
  • Moving Average 3 crosses and stays above LWMA 12
  • Trillion Line turns green
  • SSL 10 turns green
  • Trillion 3 value rises above the zero level
  • Stop loss below the moving average levels
  • Exit long whenever you encounter a bearish trend signal by the strategy system

Trillion Fx Strategy : Sell Parameters

Trillion Trading Strategy Sell Parameters
  • Price bar closes below Moving Average 3
  • Platinum Arrow pointing downwards
  • LWMA 12 crosses and stays above Moving Average 3
  • Trillion Line turns white
  • SSL 10 turns white
  • Trillion 3 value falls below the zero level
  • Stop loss above the moving average levels
  • Exit short whenever you encounter a bullish trend signal by the strategy system
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