One Forex Strategy

One Forex Strategy observes and accumulates the past market data and transforms it into effective trend-following trading signals for the traders. This strategy is set by a bunch of advanced market momentum tools with trade filtering stuff for identifying profitable trade setups.

One Forex Strategy is a short-term trading system that allows you to scalp only within shorter timeframe charts like M1 to M15 within the MT4 trading platform. Other than that, this strategy is suitable to apply to all kinds of forex currency pairs in the market.

One Forex Strategy Overview

Download the strategy and install it on your MT4 system. Once you’re done, your chart will transform like the image below:

One Forex Strategy Overview

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One Forex Strategy Explanation

One Forex Strategy Explanation
  • THV Coral: THV Coral is a swing trading indicator, used to identify the possible swing areas of the market based on the price envelope theory. Simply follow its arrow direction for determining the next possible move from the swing areas of the market. It works better when combined with trend-based indicators.
  • Bamsbung with CCI: It is an advanced combination of two powerful momentum indicators. Its value raises above -35 when the momentum turns bullish and drops below 35 levels when the momentum swings into the bearish mode. The CCI bands plots bullish/bearish crossover by intercepting each other (red & white bands).
  • SSRC: This is a Price Envelope based Relative Strength Index indicator. Its value reaches near 5 means the market is in the oversold conditions. On the other hand, SSRC value near 95 means the market is clearly under overbought condition.

One Forex: Buy Conditions

One Forex Buy Conditions
  • THV Coral plots arrows below the price candle pointing upwards
  • Bamsbung with CCI value bounces up from -35 level with a bullish crossover
  • SSRC value drops near 5 level
  • Buy triggers when all of the above conditions are met
  • Set stop loss below the current low of the market
  • Exit long/take profit whenever THV Coral plots down-arrows above the price candle

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One Forex: Sell Conditions

One Forex Sell Conditions
  • THV Coral plots arrows above the price candle pointing downwards
  • Bamsbung with CCI value drops from -35 level with a bearish crossover
  • SSRC value rises near 95 level
  • Sell triggers when all of the above conditions are met
  • Set stop loss above the current high of the market
  • Exit short/take profit whenever THV Coral plots up-arrows below the price candle

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