Cougar Fx System MT4

Cougar FX System MT4 is a swing/scalping forex trading System.  It is a very simple forex trading System and it can be used by both beginner as well as expert traders. Cougar FX System can be used independently as well as combined with other filtering tools.

Cougar FX System generates a trading signal on the main chart window so you can use other filtration tools like MACD histogram in the System window for the filtration purpose.

When you download this System you have three template options. You can choose among aggressive, standard, and safe strategies. The indicator demonstrated here is a standard version.

Cougar FX System Overview

Cougar Fx System MT4

Below is a picture of the Cougar FX system.

Time Frame Currency PairsNumber of IndicatorsRatings
M5, M15, and H1Major pairs29.7/10

There are two indicators in this system. One is the main signal generator indicator which is the arrows you see on the main chart. And on the top left, you will see a box containing few details of the currency pairs you are trading.

Cougar FX System Analogy

Cougar FX system has arrows as its main signal generating indicator. There are blue and red arrows. Blue arrows indicate buying signal while red arrows indicate selling.

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Cougar FX System: Buy Parameters

Cougar Fx System Buy Parameters
  • Market should be up trending.
  • Market should be bouncing from recent support level.
  • A blue arrow should appear below the market price.
  • Place your buy position when above parameters are met.
  • Keep your stop loss below the recent support level.
  • Book your profit when you see a red arrow above the market price.

Cougar Fx System: Sell Parameters

Cougar Fx System Sell Parameters
  • Market should be down trending.
  • Market should be falling from recent resistance level.
  • A red arrow should appear above the market price.
  • Place your short position when above parameters are met.
  • Keep your stop loss above the recent resistance level.
  • Book your profit when you see a blue arrow above the market price.

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