Trend Profit Signals

Trend Profit Signals has been developed to detect the right trend at the right time and to signal the trend according to the trend direction. It not only signals the market entry but also guides through the exit of each trade at the end. For a better understanding, it plots the trade signals directly as “BUY” or “SELL” around the price bars.

Trend Profit Signals can be applied to trade all kinds of Forex currency pairs available to trade online and you’ll also be able to trade those pairs at any timeframe chart you like. Thus, all kinds of Forex traders can be benefited from this amazing Forex trading tool.

Trend Profit Signals Overview:

After installing the Trend Profit Signals indicator at your Forex MT4 terminal, your trading chart will appear as the following image:

Trend Profit Signals Overview
Trend Profit Signal Overview

Itis a stand-alone indicator. It doesn’t need any other assisting indicator of trading filters to confirm a trade entry. A white/green color indicator slope indicates the trend is bullish and the text “BUY” appears to confirm a buy entry. On the other hand, the indicator turns red when the market trend turns bearish. In this case, you’ll have to wait for the text “SELL” at the main chart window for a sell signal confirmation. It is recommended to trade during the London session and the Newyork session open for a greater success rate.

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Trend Profit Signals: Buy Parameters

Trend Profit Signals Buy Parameters
Trend Profit Signal Buy Parameters
  • It turns white/green
  • The text “BUY” appears right below the indicator slope
  • Buy triggers when the above conditions are met
  • Stop loss below the indicator slope area
  • Exit long/take profit once the indicator turns red 

Trend Profit Signals: Sell Parameters

Trend Profit Signals Sell Parameters
Trend Profit Signal Sell Parameters
  • Trend Profit Signals turns red
  • The text “Sell” appears right above the indicator slope
  • Sell triggers when the above conditions are met
  • Stop loss above the indicator slope area
  • Exit short/take profit once the indicator turns white/green

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