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Trend Histogram Strategy

Trend Histogram Strategy is one of the simplest but very effective trend-following trading systems. It filters 3 lear trend filtering system to identify the market trend as correctly as possible. The indicators used in this strategy are quite simple and very much easy to understand. Therefore, newbie trend based traders can be benefited using this amazing trading system.

Trend Histogram Strategy can be applied to trade any forex currency pairs available at the MT4 terminal. Besides, this system adjusts with all sort of timeframe charts. Thus, traders of all levels can try this indicator to achieve better success.

Trend Histogram Strategy Overview

After the installation of Trend Histogram Strategy at your forex MT4 trading terminal, your trading chart will appear like the following image:

Trend Histogram Strategy
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Trend Histogram Strategy Anatomy 

Trend Histogram Strategy anatomy

Trend Arrow: It appears around the price bars to signal the market trend. It is plotted above the price bar signals the bearish trend and if below the price bar then indicates the bearish trend respectively.

Trend Histogram: This indicator plots histogram bars to signal the market trend. It closes with positive value means the trend is bullish. On the other hand, it carries a negative value to confirm the bearish thrust as well.

M15 QQE: It plots the crossover signals. M15 (5) moves below M15 (14) signals the bearish crossover. Conversely, M15 (5) moves above the M15 (14) confirms the bullish crossover.

Trend Histogram Strategy: Buy Parameters

Trend Histogram Strategy Buying Parameters
  • Trend Arrow appears below the price bar
  • Trend Histogram is positive and in rising pattern
  • M15 QQE plots the bullish crossover signal
  • Enter long when all of the above conditions are met
  • Set stop loss below the Trend Arrow
  • Exit long/take profit whenever M15 QQE produces the bearish crossover signal 

Trend Histogram Strategy: Sell Parameters

Trend Histogram Strategy Selling Parameters
  • Trend Arrow appears above the price bar
  • Trend Histogram is negative and in falling pattern
  • M15 QQE plots the bearish crossover signal
  • Enter short when all of the above conditions are met
  • Set stop loss above the Trend Arrow
  • Exit short/take profit whenever M15 QQE produces the bullish crossover signal

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