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Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO)

The Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) is an MT4 trend indicator. It defines the market momentum and generates trend-reversal signals based on divergences and its MA-line crossovers. As an oscillator indicator, it offers the most logical solution for evaluating the market trend condition.

This indicator uses a smoothed moving average system for generating the trend signal. It applies both histogram bars and multi-moving average crossovers for determining the trend direction.

Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) Overview

The Rahul Mohindar Oscillator applies 10 and 30 periods of smoothed moving averages for plotting crossover signals. The green line across the indicator window represents the fast-RMO and the dotted line is defined as slow-RMO.

Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) overview

This indicator also includes histogram bars allowing you to spot strength/weakness, divergences, and reversal conditions of the market trend. Interestingly, RMO works in all types of market conditions.

Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) Explanation

The value of RMO histogram bars delivers the basic trend signal. These bars move above and below the neutral level (0) to show the momentums behind the price trend. For instance, the bars turn green and turns positive in value indicate the price is preparing to initiate a bullish move.

Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) explained

Moreover,  the fast-RMO moves above the slow-RMO while the histogram showing a positive value means the market is already in a bullish trend condition. The Rahul Mohindar Oscillator only delivers the confirmation of the current market trend. Therefore, you may add any price levels tools like pivot-level or horizontal support/resistance with RMO for assessing the trade levels within correct trend directions.

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Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO): Buy Conditions

Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) buy signal
  • The fast-RMO moves above the slow-RMO
  • The RMO-histogram bars show a positive value
  • Exit long whenever the RMO lines plot a bearish crossover

Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO): Sell Conditions

Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) sell signal
  • The fast-RMO crosses below the slow-RMO
  • The RMO-histogram bars moves below the zero-level
  • Exit short when the RMO lines plot a bullish crossover

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