MAxCD MT4 Indicator

MAxCD MT4 Indicator is an alternative upgraded version of well known MACD indicator. It analyzes the market momentum, measures the strength of the momentum, and determines its future directions. It also signals for trade exits and possible momentum reversals. This indicator demonstrates the chart signal in a much easier method so that everybody can understand it.

The Indicator can be applied to trade all kinds of forex currency pairs available in the financial market. Furthermore, this indicator suits all sorts of timeframe charts within the forex MT4 trading platforms.

MAxCD MT4 Indicator Overview

Download the indicator and install it on your MT4 terminal. Once you’re done, your chart will transform like the following image:

MAxCD MT4 Indicator Overview

MAxCD MT4 Indicator Explanation

MAxCD MT4 Indicator stresses more on recent price action data for determining the market momentum. This is why it reacts very quickly within the changes in price actions and fixes its lagging issues.

The method of signaling the momentum is quite similar like MACD indicators. The indicator bars turn positive in value when the momentum is bullish and turns negative for signaling the bearish momentum of the market.

MAxCD MT4 Indicator Explanation

A blue cloud above or below the indicator bars signals for a possible momentum reversal. Such blue clouds are also considered as a trade exit signal for opened market positions.

MAxCD MT4: Buy Conditions

MAxCD MT4 Buy Conditions
  • The indicator bars turn positive in value
  • Price candle closes as a bullish bar
  • Buy triggers at the break of the bullish candle’s high
  • Set stop loss below the current low of the market
  • Exit long/take profit whenever the indicator bars turn blue in a declining pattern

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MAxCD MT4: Sell Conditions

MAxCD MT4 Sell Conditions
  • The indicator bars turn negative in value
  • Price candle closes as a bearish bar
  • Sell triggers at the break of the bearish candle’s low
  • Set stop loss above the current high of the market
  • Exit short/take profit whenever the indicator bars turn blue in a rising pattern

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