Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average

Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average is the latest edition of Kaufman Moving Averages. It is considered as one of the best moving average indicator because of its capacity to adapt with the Forex trading charts based on price action changes. Trend based indicators are always at the top of our priority.

This moving average based indicator can be independently applied on all kind of timeframe charts and it also fits with any Forex currency pair window. It has maintained excellent track record with amazing performance in Forex trading signals.

Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average Overview

A successful installation of Kaufman Adaptive indicator should look like this:

Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average Overview

Kaufman Adaptive indicator works almost as other moving averages but the best point is it studies the nature of market momentum and adapts itself with the change to plot both trend and trade signals. It turns blue when price holds its positions above its level to signal the bullish trend. If market is in sideways, it moves as a horizontal line. It turns red and head towards downwards with price closing below its level are interpreted as the bearish trend.

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Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average: Buy Parameters

Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average Buy Parameters
  • Price closes above the Kaufman Adaptive indicator level
  • Kaufman Adaptive indicator turns blue
  • The signaling bar closes as a bullish candle
  • Set stop loss below the current respective swing low
  • Exit long whenever Kaufman Adaptive indicator turns red and price closes below its level at the same time

Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average: Sell Parameters

Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average Sell Parameters
  • Price closes below the Kaufman indicator
  • Kaufman Adaptive indicator turns red
  • The signaling bar closes as a bearish candle
  • Set stop loss above the current respective swing high
  • Exit short whenever Kaufman Indicator turns blue and price closes above its level at the same time
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