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Jurik Moving Average Indicator

The Jurik Moving Average indicator is a popular technical analysis tool that aims to reduce lag and increase responsiveness compared to traditional moving averages.

This indicator is useful in identifying trends and detecting trend reversals at an early stage, which makes it a valuable tool for traders of different styles.

Jurik Moving Average Indicator Overview

The Jurik Moving Average Indicator is useful in identifying trends and detecting trend reversals at an early stage, which makes it a valuable tool for traders of different styles.


The JMA is designed to be less susceptible to lag and more responsive to price changes than the traditional moving average.

This is achieved by using an algorithm that incorporates price smoothness features.

Jurik Moving Average Indicator Explanation

The JMA is a powerful tool for identifying trends and detecting trend reversals at an early stage.


It is particularly useful in catching trend reversals that may not be visible with traditional moving averages, which tend to respond slowly to changes in the price.

While the JMA does not generate clear buy/sell signals, it can help traders determine the overall bias of the market.

It can also be used as a dynamic support and resistance level during trending markets, as it closely follows the price movements and can help identify potential areas of support and resistance.

Jurik Moving Average Indicator: Buy Conditions

  • JMA smooths price movements and reduces lag.
  • JMA is more responsive than traditional moving averages, good for identifying trends and trend reversals.
  • JMA is versatile and can be used with other indicators for improved accuracy.
  • Buy when price crosses above JMA, JMA slopes upwards, or JMA acts as support.

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Jurik Moving Average Indicator: Sell Conditions

  • JMA sloping downwards, and JMA acting as resistance.
  • JMA divergence can signal a potential sell opportunity.
  • Selling can also occur when the JMA crosses below a longer-term moving average.

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