Forex Tornado Scalping MT4

Forex Tornado Scalping MT4 is a highly equipped trend following trading system that follows the market momentum, finds important market levels, and measures the trend strength all at the same time. For its multiple signal filtering system, it generates its signal maintaining the higher probability of success.

Forex Tornado Scalping Strategy is a good fit to trade in M5 and M15 charts. It adjusts with all kind of currency pair charts. Before you go along with this strategy, you’ll have to understand its multiple tools to master it well. Once you’re done with that and keep following its rules in a strict manner, you’ll see the growth of your trading account on a steady basis.

Forex Tornado Scalping Strategy Overview

After the installation of this trading strategy at your mt4 system, you’ll find your chart as the following image:

Forex Tornado Scalping Strategy
Time FrameCurrency PairsIndicator FactorsRatings
M5 & M15Any79.6/10

Forex Tornado Scalping Strategy Anatomy

Forex Tornado Scalping Indicators
  • LWMA6 & LWMA12: These are specially edited weighted moving average based on 6 and 12 periods respectively. 6 period MA above the 12 signals bullish trend and considered as bearish trend in case of opposite action.
  • Soeasy BBands: This is a very simple and easy trend identifier. Price above the band means bullish trend below the band is considered as bearish trend.
  • MOACX Non Lag MA25: This is a 25-period based moving average that reacts very sensitively with the current price action than ordinary moving averages. It helps trader to find shorter length momentum for scalping purposes.
  • BB Macd: It is also a trend following oscillator. Its series of colored dots appears above its dual dynamic channel and its value is positive indicates strong bullish trend and signals bearish thrust if the opposite happens.
  • FX Prime V2: It is a trend strength meter. Its color is bluish means bullish strength and bearish control if turns green/ash.
  • BB Squeeze: It works almost same as MACD oscillator. Its value is positive indicates bullish momentum and a negative value addresses the bearish momentum. It also helps to spot trade exit areas.

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Forex Tornado Scalping Strategy: Buy Parameters

Forex Tornado Scalping Buy Parameters
  • LWMA6 is above LWMA12
  • Price is above both MOACX Non Lag MA 25 and Soeasy BBands
  • BB Macd dots appears above its channels with positive value
  • FX Prime V2 turns bluish
  • BBSqeeze stays above zero level
  • Stop loss below the respective signal bar or below the low of current price range
  • Exit long whenever BB Squeeze value turns negative

Forex Tornado Scalping Strategy: Sell Parameters

Forex Tornado Scalping Sell Parameters
  • LWMA6 is below LWMA12
  • Pricegoes below both MOACX Non Lag MA 25 and Soeasy BBands
  • BB Macd dots appears below its channels with negative value
  • FX Prime V2 turns green/ash
  • BBSqeeze stays below zero level
  • Stop loss above the respective signal bar or above the high of current price range
  • Exit short whenever BB Squeeze value turns positive
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